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I guess if you're a one-man a cappella artist with a functional recording rig, nothing is stopping you from producing a steady stream of little vocal experiments. So, as I fit the category myself, I really should get down to some recording. This first blog of mine here at CASA is really just a personal reminder not to be too fascinated with all the new gear out there, but rather use the gear I already own to make some music. With the help from my friends in my part-time group All Ears, I will hopefully resurface here with a string of tunes under my belt, sung mostly by me, with the group adding some extra shine and livelyness to the tracks. I'll keep you posted!


Can't wait to hear it

I'm glad you wrote this, because I've recently acquired some basic recording equipment of my own, and have been considering creating a few simple tracks.  But for whatever reason, I haven't gotten my butt in gear to do it.  There are a lot of DIY one-man operations out there, but we (if I can throw myself into the group) don't connect very well to one another.  CASA can certainly serve as a gathering place for folks like us... perhaps we could even create a special network or track just for sharing ideas and recordings with one another.


--Dave Brown

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Absolutely - post away!

I think you'll get a good number of people interested in hearing your music if you post it here.

- Deke Sharon • 800.579.9305 • http://www.dekesharon.com

Thanks, will be posting next week

Thanks for your encouraging words, I will hopefully post some tests (work in progress) next week :) Would make for an interesting before/after study. From the raw idea (next week) to the final polished product (who knows when).

Sindre Saebo
Oslo, Norway

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