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For Immediate Release --
Saturday, January 30, 2009

The Contemporary A cappella Society (CASA) is pleased to announce that, as of January 2009, it has merged with the Alliance for A Cappella Initiatives (AACI).

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, CASA is a non-profit organization that has been working for two decades to foster and promote contemporary a cappella music throughout the world.  In addition to serving as the gathering place for a growing community of contemporary a cappella singers and fans, CASA fulfills its self-described mission to "spread harmony through harmony" by means of numerous charitable programs, including sending a cappella recordings to high school choir students, as well as providing financial grants to people and organizations that spread a cappella music and use the artform for charity.

"We at CASA have been continually impressed with the standard of excellence set by the AACI in their events and charitable endeavors," remarked CASA president Julia Hoffman.  "A partnership with them allows us to leverage the creativity and manpower of both organizations as a means to better serve our common mission."

Initially focused primarily in the southeastern United States, the AACI was founded in 2003.  The organization's original purpose was to create the SoJam a cappella festival, held each fall in North Carolina.  SoJam has become a flagship event for a cappella groups, especially at the collegiate level.  By 2008, the event saw groups flying in from many states away.  Part of the merger deal agreed by both sides was that SoJam would continue into 2009 and beyond.

The AACI also brings to CASA a widely regarded compilation album series simply titled Sing, which features what the producers call "an international amalgamation of creative talent" of efforts by "groups at all levels... to push the envelope" in recorded a cappella music.  CASA leaders felt that although appearance on a Sing album is a tremendous honor for an a cappella group, adding the program would not be any competition with the Contemporary A cappella Recording Awards, CASA's annual equivalent to the Grammys.  Just as both organizations are reportedly merging peacefully, they believe their programs will work well together also.

"I'm thrilled to finally be working hand-in-hand with the AACI team," said former CASA president Dave Brown, who was instrumental in the merger negotiations.  "Not only do we at CASA admire these talented people, but they're also our friends."

The CASA Board of Directors opened several slots on the Board for AACI personnel, and the remainder of the individuals in both organizations that are not sitting on the Board are assuming positions elsewhere in the new, joint organization.  As if paying for their proverbial dinner with a song, CASA is an non-profit with limited economic resources, and consequently runs its myriad of programs almost exclusively via volunteer labor.

The new organization is already making a plea to the a cappella community for more volunteers.  The new organization's Web site, newly designed by CASA web engineer Joe Antonioli and released just today, declared, "Where else can we use a hand?  Honestly, wherever!  We're interested in having you give whatever you have to share....  No matter what your level of skill or experience, we've got a place for you.  Join us!"

The new CASA is not only bringing together former CASA leaders and AACI personnel, but also other renowned individuals in the a cappella community.  Varsity Vocals president Amanda Newman, who also serves as the executive director for the widely known International Championship of Collegiate A cappella (ICCA and its sister program for high school groups ICHSA), has also joined the Board of Directors.  Tim Jones, founder of numerous ensembles including the comedy group moosebutter, and host of the A Cappella Originals Podcast, has joined the Board as well.  Ben Stevens, coordinator for the Recorded A cappella Review Board (RARB), rounds out the new leadership team.

The organization is reportedly also in talks to bring aboard several other leaders from the a cappella community.

"This is a long time coming;" noted AACI founder Dave Sperandio.  "I'm thrilled to be able to bring the momentum and synergy harnessed by the AACI over the last 6 years into the fold of an amazing organization like CASA.  As a united front, we're positioned to bring the entire contemporary vocal music world together, and I'm incredibly excited about what the future holds in store for all of us."



Congratulations to CASA and AACI

Congrats to all!

One question: the article describes the relationship as a "merger" but then later calls it a "partnership". Do two independent organizations still exist? Or have these two organizations become one single entity?


Thanks for your well wishes, Jonathan!

To answer your question, AACI has not been legally dissolved, but its Board has voted to dissolve it, so it's in the works.  Just cleaning up paperwork and such.  Going forward, it will be one single entity.

--Dave Brown

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Congrats! Two great tastes

Congrats! Two great tastes that taste great together... or something like that.

Hmm. Time to go hit that Volunteer link and see what I can do...

-Chad from The Acapodcast

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Big congrats to all parties

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