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- Roxy Music heartthrob Brian Eno confessed that he, too, has an a cappella habit. In multiple interviews to promote his new album, Eno mentioned his once-a-week vocal habit. I do love singing, he told the Guardian. I love it so much I even have an a cappella group and we sing once a week. But dont set your heart on a concert tour. As he told the Daily Telegraph: We do it for fun. Well never do it for another reason.

- Londons Independent wrote that Sir Ian McKellen was inspired to join the Magnets at Edinburghs famous Fringe festival. The group met him at a dinner party and he was inspired to sign on to do a few voice-overs.

- South Carolina governor Mark Sanford, along with two Myrtle Beach-area mayors, declared July 11-18 to be Sweet Adelines International Week and July 13 as Sweet Adelines International Day, which coincided with Barbershop Music Appreciation Day. As reported on MyrtleBeachOnline.com, the holidays celebrate 60 years of Sweet Adelines music and philanthropy.

Newspapers and other media outlets cant seem to get enough. From Calgary to Korea, singers are in the news:

- Vocal percussionist Indra was featured on humanbeatbox.com, a website. You can read the interview and see a video clip here: http://www.humanbeatbox.com/forum/showthread.php?t=19255

- Blue Jupiter made a July appearance on the Joey Reynolds show, a nationally syndicated radio show syndicated in 30 markets.

- The Calgary Herald reports that after 12 years, the citys own Heebee-Jeebees were hired this year for their first-ever appearance at the world-famous Calgary Stampede.

- Swedish jazz stars the Real Group drew plenty of advance press for a pair of August concerts in Seoul. Local press calls the group much loved in Korea and notes that this is the groups fifth visit to that country.

- The Saigon Times wrote about the Yale Whiffenpoofs twice this summer, to celebrate the historic a cappella groups historic trip to Vietnam. The group apparently stopped by on their way to Dubai, all part of a 20-nation summer tour.