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Just wanted to drop everyone a quick note about the launch of DIYacappella. If you're curious (and of course you are!), DIYacappella is a program that empowers groups to make music on their terms and their budget, with tools, tips, and guidance from seasoned a cappella experts.

The intention of DIY is to make album recording accessible to groups that:

1) Need flexibility due to time / schedule constraints
2) Want more control over how and what gets recorded
3) Have budget concerns / restraints, but still want to put out a quality album

If your group is interested or has questions, check out the FAQ section on the site, or better yet, drop us an email. If you're an a cappella alum, tell your group about it! And, find DIYacappella co-founder Nick Lyons at SoJam X, where he'll be leading a class with Danny Ozment on the subject!

Special thanks to Dave Sperandio and David Longo for their assistance throughout the process. Also, to Deke Sharon for the awesome quote and support, and of course THE Christopher Diaz for his character and charisma.