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Wow! I have been inundated lately with questions about the East Coast A cappella Summit. If you've written me, thank you for your email, and please allow me to briefly respond here and now...

First of all, CASA is honored at the tremendous interest expressed in the summit. Our producers and army of volunteers work very hard to organize a fabulous event each year, and your continued interest in the event is a tribute to their hard work. On behalf of them, thank you. And kudos to Jonathan, Diana, Marty, Christina, and so many others past and present.

Now, I'll explain our delay in announcing. We have recently undergone a personnel change around here that has shifted our organization and planning of this event. As an easy transition for 2009, we thought it wise to partner with the producers of the Boston A Cappella Summit. Circumstances beyond everyone's control prevented the event from occurring, so we were back to square one.

So what did we do? We concocted some ideas, talked to some friends, and... that's all I can say for the moment. We do expect the event to happen, with date and location TBA. We're cooking up something very special, and it's aaaaalmost time to announce it!