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- Singer and recording engineer Tat Tong started a six-year tour with the Singapore Navy this summer. He writes on the RARB forum (www.rarb.org/forum) that learning to handle his new ship is challenging but enjoyable. A cappella remains in the picture hes holding workshops, judging contests, and getting his new recording business of the ground. Check out the website: www.tattong.com

- RARB coordinator Ben Stevens starts off the fall by teaching a short course on Language and Thinking for first year students at Bard College, where he is an assistant classics professor. Ben frequently finds ways to merge a cappella with academia in his lectures and seminars.

- Ahren Okamoto writes that he is spending the next year managing a coffee shop. Believe it or not its been a dream to manage a coffee shop, he told the RARB crowd, But the thing is that I spend most of my time in an office doing sales reports and invoices for coffee catering. Ahren is a frequent contributor to the RARB board. He owns Sound Bites Studio and has sung in numerous groups.

- Robert Dietz, co-director of Ithaca High Schools Ascending Height, writes that the aca never stops. His summer included a tour of Italy with his a cappella group and community youth choir, as well as time working for a-cappella.com and getting new songs ready for the coming year.

- DC tex-mex chain California Tortilla had an open call for a cappella groups to liven up its restaurants this summer. Cartoon Johnny and dcVocals were among participating groups, using the spots to sell CDs and build local audiences.