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I have to admit, I was very excited to see Pitch Perfect. I love musicals, all thing musical theater and the movie Camp (which also had Anna Kendrick) and am still upset that The Sing-Off has been cancelled because there is just something about well-executed a capella music that impresses me. And I don't mean the silly show choir overproduced stuff they put together on Glee. However, the commercials heavily feature Rebel Wilson, and since a little of Rebel goes a long way, I was worried that she was going to overpower the film. I was also a bit concerned that while ostensibly a comedy, the movie might take the subject matter too seriously, like how every time the word Regionals is uttered on Glee as if it loftiest goal in the entire world, which makes me die a little on the inside. So I was excited but with trepidations as I headed into the theater... and after five minutes, I was laughing out loud (along with the rest of the audience) and having a really good time at one of the most fun movies of the year.

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