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The Tufts Beelzebubs has its cover of The Feeling's "Love It When You Call" featured on a rerelease by the original artist.

The Beelzebubs' version of "Love It When You Call," from its album, Pandaemonium, is perhaps the first a cappella cover to be featured on the original artist's album. The song is the last track of the "deluxe edition" of the Feeling's second album, "Join With Us." "Join With Us" (the regular, 1-CD version) was released in February 2008 in the UK only and entered the British Album charts at #1.

The deluxe edition has two CDs, the first of which is called "New Friends." The second CD, entitled "Old Friends," consists of alternate versions of songs from the Feeling's first album, "Twelve Stops and Home." Track 8 is The Tufts Beelzebubs's cover, listed as "Love It When You Call (Chorale Version)."

The album has not yet been released in the US.

For more information, visit www.bubs.com or www.thefeeling.com.