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I asked one of the SoJam staff why college a cappella groups don’t do original music. His answer:

They’re lazy.

I completely disagree.

College a cappella singers are anything but lazy. Lazy kids don’t voluntarily rehearse an extra 2-6 times a week, plan concerts, advertise events, arrange music, work as business managers / music directors / whatever in their groups, set up sound systems, self-produce albums…. Nothing lazy about that.

So you tell me: why? I know it’s been discussed, and it’s been discussed often by me, but I’m seriously interested.

I guess the more important question to ask is not why, but how do we change it? There are risks, there are excuses, there are obstacles – but judging by class attendance, there is also desire, interest, hope, belief that it can be done. What do we / you / I have to do to begin a change?

Next blog I’ll offer some of my own ideas; for now, leave yours in the comments section.

---Be Original!

Mister Tim