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1. Firedrill! will give you goosebumps, and Fork will give you second thoughts about what voices and machines can do together.

2. Classes by the absolute best in the business, including Wes Carroll, Don Gooding, Fork, Julia Hoffman, Dylan Bell, Tim Jones, Ben Stevens, Nick Lyons, Chris Diaz, Mikey B, Steve Ryan, and others. These folks will teach you arranging, performance skills, marketing, speaking on stage, live looping, vocal percussion, live sound, group management, stage movement, songwriting, and more.

3. John Clark will be there. I feel lucky to shake his hand.

4. The college competition is going to make you disgusted when you realize it's only November, and yet these groups are already this good.

5. The afterparties. 'Nuff said.

6. The talented folks of Liquid 5th will let you man-handle their gear, giving you the inside tips on how to sound incredible in your own shows.

7. Chris Diaz will be there. His arrangements are so good that Ben Folds asked for his phone number.

8. Sing V: Groovus will be available for sale for the first time to the public. The compilation features tracks by Naturally 7, full-time tour amigos with Michael Buble; Duwende, who cleaned house in the CARAs this year; Mauf, who somehow do a cappella Reggaeton; Mosaic, MTV's new Top Pop Group; and many more!

9. Blair Baldwin's hair, Alli Brooks's lips, and James Wallace's chiseled jaw.

10. Everyone's doing it!

See you there!!



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You must be the guy who runs a cappella innovations.

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