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Whether it's scales in the shower or early nights and hot tea, many singers have specific rituals to keep voice boxes in check. So it comes as some surprise that for Naturally 7 - a group who use only their voices and play about 200 shows a year - things are handled quite, er, naturally.

''People would be shocked to learn we don't do that much for our voices,'' founding member Roger Thomas says. ''My father [who sang in the gospel group the King's Proclaimers] was with me for about two weeks and I think he was astonished. He was like, 'When do you guys warm up?' I don't know if it's a blessing or we're crazy, but we've just become used to singing as much as we do.''

And sing they do. The New York-based a cappella group use their own ''vocal play'' style to mimic the tones, rhythms and percussion of a variety of instruments (from bass and drums to synths and guitar), something born out of the restrictions on band gear allowed into their choir.

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