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May 22, 2012 – San Francisco, CA – A Cappella Records is thrilled to announce the first in a series of custom-made, themed compilations, called "The A Cappella Guide" series. And what better theme upon which to jump into the proverbial pit than a tribute to the monster maven of the pop world, Lady Gaga. In addition to being one of the strongest voices in pop music today (and the #1 most-followed account on Twitter!), Lady Gaga has been an unparalleled inspiration to a cappella artists all over the country, and the world.

In addition to having an entire episode of Glee dedicated to her, she's had cover after cover of her songs go viral on YouTube. The University of Oregon's On The Rocks landed a spot on NBC's "The Sing-Off" AND a commercial deal for the show based on their viral cover of Bad Romance, which racked up over 7 million views and was at one time featured on the Yahoo.com homepage.

However, while the mainstream knows Lady Gaga for her wild outfits and pumped-up dance mixes, her true fans know that she can be every bit as captivating behind a piano, with just her voice and fingers providing the underpinning for her dynamic compositions. We feel that this also speaks to the hearts and souls of a cappella artists, who use nothing but their voices, layer-upon-layer, to create music in nearly every genre imaginable.

When we considered the launch theme for "The A Cappella Guide", Gaga was the obvious choice. Her music inspires some of the best singing from some of our best artists, both collegiate and professional. In addition to On The Rocks' legendary version of "Bad Romance", you'll also be treated to hits by Peter Hollens, The Red States, The UCSD Tritones, The Cocktails, and Stanford Mixed Company. And of course, no a cappella album would be complete without an epic medley, in this case performed by the UNCG Spartones and featuring no fewer than six of Gaga's greatest in one action-packed track.

All the music on "The A Cappella Guide to Lady Gaga" has been fully licensed directly from Gaga's publishers. In fact, all the music offered through A Cappella Records is legally cleared with the publishers of the original compositions. We strongly believe that composers deserve to be recognized fairly for their talents, just as artists deserve to be recognized fairly for theirs.

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Download “The A Cappella Guide to Lady Gaga” here: http://acappellarecords.com/compilation/guide-to/album/lady-gaga!

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