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Confession: I love The Sing-Off. I am not a fan of the term ‘fan’ (it makes objects out of both appreciator and appreciated), but if I’m to be called a fan of anything, let it be The Sing-Off. Those who follow me on Twitter may have picked up on this over the past few days, ever since NBC announced the show’s cancellation. (…or any time I watched an episode last fall, for that matter.) Thanks, to them, for putting up with me; of course, many of my followers being space tweeps, they understand seriously nerding out about something they love. They’ll light the Twittersphere ablaze if anything beautiful and important in a space program is at risk, which is what got me to pay real attention to Twitter in the first place.

But I digress. I want you, chers lecteurs, to understand why I love The Sing-Off, because this isn’t like any other show I’ve ever loved–not like The Pretender, not like Firefly, not even like its own closest (in a way) competitor, The Voice.* Unlike every other singing competition I have seen, and in spite of its own competitive trappings, The Sing-Off seems at heart to harbor a collaborative spirit.

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