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Clint Eastwood fans were given a more in-depth introduction to Dina Eastwood, his wife of 16 years and the star of the upcoming reality show, “Mrs. Eastwood and Company,” during a special half-hour preview that aired Sunday on E!

Though Clint will make an occasional cameo, the show will mainly focus on wife Dina and her hectic life as she raises their teenage daughters, Francesca and Morgan, and manages a boy band who live part-time with the Eastwoods.

Sound crazy?

Apparently, not to Dina, who proclaims herself a “loud-mouth cheerleader,” the exact opposite of her reserved 81-year-old husband.

Speaking in the preview of their 35-year age gap, Dina, 48, said with a laugh, “If anyone doesn’t think that is weird, check your pulse.”

A former news anchor at local television stations in Arizona and California, Dina met her husband while interviewing him in 1993. Immediately after they married in 1996, Dina became pregnant with their daughter Morgan, now 15, and stepmother to Clint’s six other children, whom he fathered with five different women. Dina is especially close to Francesca, now 18, whose mother is actress Frances Fisher.

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