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Attention A Cappella Groups:

I'm making an album of a cappella versions of my music to be performed by the best university groups we can find. This idea was motivated by a number of amazing university a cappella versions of my songs I came across on youtube. Some of these brought to light unique nuances and perspective that is necessarily absent from the original recordings as the songwriter and singer happen to be the same guy. I was moved and inspired. Some of these versions were an improvement in my humble opinion and it would be a great opportunity to capture some of this.

I'd like to assemble an album of 12-15 tracks. I just need submissions. Old fashioned talent scout style. Simple raw video on youtube will tell us all we need to know and we'll take it from there. Once the acts are chosen, we'll get together on the details of recording and have an album together by spring. This has been referred to as 'sing your heart out' and there was en earlier incarnation of contests which might have been confusing. Simply put, I'm scouting for good a cappella groups with which to record an album to be released in the spring of 09.

Just post your video on youtube and fill out the form on my website. We'll provide links to your youtube clips on benfolds.com, myspace and facebook so everyone can see what we're choosing from.

November 14th will be the deadline for submissions.

Proceeds from sales of the CD will go to a music education charity to be decided.

Here is how it works:



3) FILL OUT AND SUBMIT THE OFFICIAL FORM @ benfolds.com/acapella


Over and Out,

Ben Folds