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Program Manager – Harmony in the Halls

Hey Acapeople! We’re looking for someone to take over one of CASA’s most exciting new initiatives, Harmony in the Halls (HitH). HitH is a program that provides after-school music programs for schools whose music funding has been diminished or cut entirely. HitH sends a CASA-approved instructor to an assigned school once per week to lead an a cappella group. That instructor picks music for the group, arranges it (if able – if not, we provide resources), sets up a weekly rehearsal schedule, establishes the group dynamic and classroom environment, and communicates with school administrators.

The Program Manager is integral in helping HitH to fulfill its potential. There are a lot of aspects of HitH that are still in development, and the PM will have a hand in all of them. These include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Establishing and overseeing a process for attracting, selecting, approving, and supporting for instructors.
  • Developing a functionality and design for a HitH website. Liaise with the Director of Technology and the PM-Infrastructure to develop the website.
  • Liaise with the Director of Development and Director of Education to create and manage a brand strategy – this includes marketing visuals, a logo, photography ideas, etc.
  • Communicating with schools to bring them into the program.
  • Maintaining positive communication with schools who are already a part of the program.
  • Coordinating inter-group activities – workshops, end-of-year showcases, etc.
  • Establishing an overall structure for the program.
  • Organizing all of the above aspects into one overall infrastructure.

In order to be successful in these responsibilities, the PM will need to have a couple of work-week hours free per week. Though this is a great deal of work, the HitH Program Manager will have the support of the HitH Education Manager. The Education Manager will be responsible for providing resources for instructors, acquiring arrangements, holding instructor workshops, establishing instructor certification, checking in with instructors on a bi-weekly basis, and being a go-to educational resources for instructors and school administrators.

Please submit letter of intent including description of relevant qualifications and experience to Amanda Aldag, CASA VP and Director of Programs ( Deadline to apply is Friday, March 9, 2012.