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People still recognize Kim Dawson over dinners at Chili's and in airports, and that's good, because she may need the new friends.

She almost lost some during her time on NBC's “The Sing-Off.”

Dawson, who graduated from the jazz program at the University of Northern Colorado in 2005, was a part of Urban Method of Denver, which made the show's final episode as one of the top-three groups in the a capella competition before being bumped from the final two. The group just performed in Colorado and has a gig on Feb. 25 in Denver.

Tony Huerta, who also attended UNC, founded Urban Method to compete on NBC's show and asked Dawson to join. She knew Huerta because he worked as the sound engineer for another group she sang in, Groove Society (Huerta also works for Take 6, and his studio is considered the place to go for a capella work, Dawson said). Huerta, who also sang in Urban Method as the baritone, kept a mental list in case he ever wanted to put a group together. Dawson was on it.

That was no surprise. Dawson was earning a name around Denver as a reliable fill-in and someone who was garnering gigs on her own after starting out in odd jobs such as working for an oil company, a wine cellar and teaching middle school choir and private lessons. She was working in music full-time for a couple years, which was her plan since she was a little girl and wanted to play violin in the New York Philharmonic. She moved to singing after she went to high school in Denver starting in 1996.

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