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NVP has since organized and blossomed under the direction of Donny Rose, a local jazz trombonist and accomplished music educator/director. We have been embraced by our musician brothers all across the Northwest and have been blessed by volunteered coaching in musicianship, public performance vocal training.

In less than one year we have competed and won our division in San Antonio, Texas at the first international barbershop youth music festival and scored the highest at a division contest in Portland, Oregon.

We are excited for the future and invite all those interested to come visit and support us!

Our Goals

Perform – NVP loves to entertain. We raise money for our growth and improvement through vocal performance. We have a wide package of music to fit any occasion and we blend youthful energy and professional precision to create a unique and unforgettable performance. We include complex chorography as part of our performance package. Contact us if you are interested in having NVP perform for you.

Compete – Beyond our goals of concert performance, we compete professionally on an international level. Already in our short contest career we have won our division at the international youth chorus competition in San Antonio and outscored all other choruses in our division contest in Portland, OR qualifying us for the next level on the international circuit, the Evergreen District Convention in Boise, ID which we hope to win.

Party – We have fun! Whether it’s a pick-up game of basketball, Halo 3 tournament, or a paintball war, we always have fun. We are a fraternal organization and love our camaraderie. It is this bond between all members of our chorus that drives us to sing better in harmony and support our brothers.

Educate – NVP is focused on making the individual singer a better performer by using one-on-one coaching, small group ensemble practice and large chorus group training. We focus on a wide style of music with an emphasis in barbershop harmony and teach musicality, performance and singing ability.

Along with vocal training our young members are encouraged to take and handle assigned leadership positions. Our goal is to strengthen the individual beyond the performance.

Our Leadership

Don Rose - Director

In August 2007, Don Rose accepted the position of Director for Northwest Vocal Project. As a way to help out us younger guys, but in time Don has become one of our best friends and greatest talents.

Don received his undergraduate music education degree from Western Washington University and his masters degree in Music from Pacific Lutheran University, and now teaches right next door at Franklin Pierce High School, where he is in charge of the instrumental music department. Don started "Steel and Stix," one of twenty steel drum bands in the United States in 2003 and was named Teacher of the year for the Franklin Pierce School District in 2004. He is honored to have been named outstanding music teacher for the year for 2003 at the Music Educators National Conference in Yakima, as well as a "Who's Who in Education" 13 times over his 20 year teaching career. Each of Mr. Rose's groups have standing invitations to band and choral contests throughout the United States, with invitations including Carnegie Hall, Vancouver Symphony, and Macy's parade in New York.

Donny is busy as a clinician and adjudicator throughout the Pacific Northwest; he plays trombone and piano in local groups and orchestras and sang with the 2005 Evergreen District Quartet Champions "Vocal Magic," and is now the Baritone for NVP’s first ever quartet “Fast Track.” Don is also active in coaching and arranging for men and women in barbershop, as well as director of the Young Men in Harmony Camp in Montana every summer since 2003. Northwest Vocal Project is thrilled to have the skills, talent and enthusiasm of Don Rose leading NVP to new levels of excellence and music expression

Michael Kelly - President

Since joining Northwest Vocal Project in September 2007 Michael has taken NVP to the next level. With his dedication Michael has put NVP on the map with their charter as well as a high level of organization.

Michael received his Engineering degree in Construction Management from Brigham Young University and now works for commercial contractor Turner Construction Company. He has a very lovely and forgiving wife of four years (Jen Kelly) and loves every minute of married life. Mike plans to stay around and build NVP into a top tier chorus in the Northwest. He sings bass with the Vocal Project, as well as with the quartet "Momma's Boys".

Sean Kelly - Director of Membership

Prior to singing with NVP, Sean has sung off and on with The Northwest Sound for five years. Sean sings baritone with NVP and also in the quartet “Momma’s Boys”, and he is currently studying accounting at the University of Washington. He is also an active member in UW’s Men’s Ensemble. He loves singing barbershop and sharing the art form with the younger generations.

Sam Booth - Director of Music

Sam is the baritone section leader of NVP. His father (Niel Booth) is an avid supporter as well as a three time Evergreen District Champion lead. Sam only got into barbershoping about two years ago, but instead played the stand-up bass for several years. Sam also sings lead with his dad in the quartet “Frontline.”

Ian Kelly - Director of Events

Ian Kelly was the first President of Northwest Vocal Project before he handed it off to his brother Michael. Ian has been singing barbershop for seven years with the Northwest Sound. Along with Matt Schoonmaker-Gates and Sam Booth, Ian founded NVP in August of 2007. He was the chairman of NVP’s first show and he sings tenor in the quartet “Momma’s Boys.”

Ian is currently studying at Bellevue Community College as a member of the Celebration Vocal Jazz Ensemble, one of the best in the in the country. He is also working towards his degree in Music Education.

Ian has loved barbershop since he was little, and loves sharing it with all of his brothers in harmony.

Drew Osterhout - Director of Marketing and Communications

As well as being the Director of Marketing, Drew is the leader of the Bellingham branch of Northwest Vocal Project. He sings bass with the Vocal Project and baritone with the quartet "u4eeuh".

Originally from Olympia, Drew now lives in Bellingham, where he studies physics at Western Washington University. He loves barbershop and acapella music, and is dedicated to bringing the art form more into mainstream consciousness, especially amongst youth.

Kevin Kelly - Director of Finance

Though Kevin does not sing with Northwest Vocal Project he is a major contributor of time, talents and cash. He is the currently the President of the Evergreen District and has led by example in assisting the youth movement in the Northwest. Kevin is quick to mention he is the father of Michael, Sean, and Ian, NVP members.

Kevin is an accomplished CFO with his masters in accounting from Brigham Young University, and his Doctorate from Penn State University. Kevin also sings with The Northwest Sound chorus. NVP is very thankful for all of his help and expertise.

Branch Model

Since many of our members are spread all over Western Washington we have separate branches that host there own rehearsals and recruiting programs. Once a month we get together in a combined rehearsal that can’t be missed.

We plan to push our growth model across the Northwest. It is our intent to provide an organized outlet for young male singing in the Pacific Northwest, and hopefully futher out than that in time. We look to achieve this goal by building NVP branches in as many different cities as possible - branches that will develop into independent choruses of their own.

Seattle Branch

The Seattle branch is the "home" branch of the Vocal Project, the branch where it all started.

The Seattle branch boasts both the most experienced singers and the youngest, creating a great sound as well as a rich environment for vocal growth. We are looking to recruit even more youth talent as we start our recruiting efforts at several Seattle area universities.

Our Seattle branch has had many guest conductors and coaches. Starting this spring local musician Tim Marron will be volunteering as our full time singing coach.

Tim is an accomplished singer who sings lead with the quartet "Jet Set", 2007 Evergreen District Champions. As a part of this group he has travelled all over the country and has appeared on the international contest stage. NVP is very excited to have Tim on board!

Bellingham Branch

Because many of our singers are from the Bellingham area, they have become NVP's first satellite branch.

The true beginning for the Bellingham Branch was in 2007 when the quartet u4eeuh was formed as a way to bring barbershop and acapella to the youth in Bellingham. Thanks to their work and the generous support of the Bellingham Mt. Baker Toppers barbershop chorus, u4eeuh began finding talented young singers who were looking for the kind of challenge NVP has to offer, and the Bellingham Branch was born.

Since its initial growth, the Bellingham Branch has blossomed under the direction of branch leader Drew Osterhout and director Joe McCorison. Thanks to a large number of members who attend Western Washington University, many of our singers have come directly from the music department at the university, and we hope to continue that trend.

The Bellingham Branch members are truly dedicated and regularly make trips down to Seattle to sing with the rest of their NVP brothers. It is our vision that one day Bellingham will boast membership of over 40 young men.

Interested? Give Drew a call at 360.888.9551 and come by and visit a rehearsal.

Goals for future branches:

Portland – The work that the Salem Senataires have done to promote youth involvement is a model to follow. We hope to further youth participation by starting an NVP branch in Oregon. Initial talks have started. Please contact us if you are interested.

Montana – The quartet "Momma's Boys" is headed to Montana this summer to coach a youth singing festival. They will be getting a preliminary feel for the situation.

Boise – In October, NVP is traveling out to Boise for a regional competion. It is our hope that we can meet with local leaders to see how NVP can start a branch in Boise.

Michael Kelly

Northwest Vocal Project

Chapter President

Phone: 206.321.9070 - Fax: 206.221.5539


"Seattle's Vocal Fraternity"