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Deke Sharon's recent blogs have sparked a lot of interest and conversation on the topics of professional musicians and groups in our community, how and why the work matters (and when it doesn't), and what it takes to be successful in this economy and climate. The result is a wealth of information that, thanks to Vocal Blog's Florian Städtler, is now compliled here in one place. Enjoy, learn, contribute, and please join and continue the conversation!

Jan 15 Vocal Blog – Florian Städtler "6 Lessons from LACF 2012"

Jan 16 CASA – Deke Sharon "Tough Love For A Tough Market"
including comments by Peter Hollens, Willy Eteson, Florian Städtler et.al.

Jan 17 Vocal Blog – Florian Städtler "From Europe with (Tough) Love"
including comments by Mark Gregory, RJ Eckhart, Deke Sharon, Willy Etson et.al.
Jan 17 Acatribe – David Bernstein "Calling Out 'Professional' Groups"
Jan 17 RJ A Cappella – Robert-Jon Eckhart "The Big Q"

Jan 19 CASA – Deke Sharon "So What Can I Do?"