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Wondering what your friends at CASA did in 2011? Not much. Kidding! In fact, so much happened that we thought we'd recap a little of what we've been working on this past year. Of course, we wish you all a healthy and happy 2012 and look forward to working and singing with you all in the year ahead.

Our esteemed President, Julia Hoffman, reports that Sing 7, Lucky, was downloaded by a record number of people for free from CASA.org and was awarded a perfect 5.0 from RARB. Sing 8, Too Cubed, was launched at SoJam and has been for sale on iTunes, Amazon, and all other digital marketplaces since November. And more nominations than ever were cast in the A Cappella Community Awards and over half of our members cast a vote in the final awards.

From Greg Rubin, Director of Development, we hear that this year brought the creation of Harmony in the Halls, which is an education program that starts vocal groups in city public schools that have zero or almost zero music program.  In our first year we have successfully started 3 groups in New York City and look to grow that number in 2012. Meg Alexander has been working heavily with Events in the planning and production of BOSS (our newest festival!) to be held in Boston in April 2012. And Cy Serrano has successfully managed our membership base, which grew 14% from 2010 to 2011. This number includes twice as many group memberships as 2010.

Danny Ozment, Director of Education, says that "the CASA education team did a great job of reaching our community directly this year. Festivals Education, lead by Ben Stevens, followed the same growth of the festivals in general, offering new and varied options at each festival. High School Outreach (Ben Spalding) offered insights into establishing and growing a HS program through his blog series and presence at and coverage of HS competitions/festivals. Tunes to Teens (Chris Tess) distributed 2200 CDs to schools this year".

Our Director of Programs, Amanda Aldag, has lots of great news:

-The Volunteer program (Christopher Diaz/Virginia DeMoss) created and streamlined the volunteer application process and updated our web presence, among other things.

-In the Ambassador program, TeKay completely revived a struggling program, created a definitive structure for the program with distinct roles, expectations and reporting requirements, and fostered a better sense of community through listserve, Facebook groups, Twitter and face to face meetings

-the CAL program (Tom Keyes) was very productive, almost doubling in size (26 active groups), formalizing the previous CAL Symposium into annual event (VoCal Nation), and establishing and holding the first annual directors' retreat in DC

-and in our Events, (Dave Sperandio and team), we successfully held 2 new events (VCN, SMACC), SOLD OUT SoJam, earlier than ever before, and acquired A Cappella Fest, officially taking over Sept 2012

And Matt Emery, Director of Communications/PR, gives us the following positive stats:

32% growth on CASA Facebook fan page
800+ members in new CASA Facebook group
65% growth on Twitter account
Music Monday Twitter content launched; 15+ CD giveaways
2300 new newsletter subscribers

And on the web/technical side (Joe Antonioli, Shane Ardell, Amy Malkoff), we had total visits of 293,321 to this site (up 25% from 234,913 in 2010), 3,658 user accounts were created, 13,264 pieces of content, with 121 original CASA articles written by our wonderful volunteer writers. We also implemented a new project management platform to organize and manage web activities and re-designed SoJam.net and LA-AF.com, among other things.

So that's some (some!) of what we've been up to. We hope you'll consider joining us, stay in touch, and best to you all in the new year.