Home'The Sing Off' finale: Five things you didn't see

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"The Sing Off" Season 3 came to a close Nov. 28 with a live finale, and Zap2it was on the scene for the two-hour event. While our late-night DVR playback reveals you caught most of the best moments on the national broadcast, here are a few behind-the-scenes tidbits you missed.

1. Pentatonix are legit friends. Although you can tell from the Trevor Project package that the quintet has grown close and all the members are very supportive of one another, you missed the adorable group hug before the cameras turned on for the performance of "Without You."

2. What do the judges do during commercial breaks? Sara Barellies is an avid texter, while Shawn Stockman spent a few breaks chilling with an adorable little boy whom we're assuming is some sort of family member. (Son? Nephew? Either way, they hugged and it was cute.) Ben Folds just kinda hung out.

3. Sara Bareilles is a fan just like you.
The "Gonna Get Over You" singer lost it during Pentatonix and Nick Lachey's rendition of 98 Degrees' seminal early 2000s classic "Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche)," and knew every single word to Ben Folds' "Not the Same" (which she also sang along to).

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