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On this week’s episode of The Sing-Off, the top four teams performed a mash up of current hits hoping to sing their way to the finals and one step closer to a lucrative recording contract. At the end of the night, it was Howard University’s a capella group Afro-Blue who found their chance cut short just shy of the top three.

In the wake of their elimination, Poptimal.com had the chance to interview Afro-Blue’s Danielle Withers. In our conversation Withers tells Poptimal all about her time on the competition, how a jazz group ever stood a chance in a pop competition, and what you should remember most about Afro-Blue.

Keshaunta Moton for Poptimal.com: How did you guys get involved with The Sing-Off?
Withers: A few members of the group, myself included, were huge fans of The Sing-Off. We watched the first couple of seasons of the show, and I’d always think to myself it’d be really cool if Afro-Blue was on here, but I never really thought that far ahead. One of the great things about Afro-Blue is we’ve been afforded many amazing opportunities to work with some of the greatest jazz singers and musicians of all time. One of the groups that we have worked with in the past, Take 6, we did a work shop with them some years ago and really connected to one of the members [Cedric Dent]. Long story short, he basically told one of the casting directors, “Hey you have to check out this group Afro-Blue.” They YouTubed us, and they were like “Oh my God they have to audition on the show.” They contacted our director Connaitre Miller, who was the director and founder of Afro-Blue at Howard University. She contacted us and was like, “Hey you guys want to do it?” And we were like yeah. The rest is history.

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