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An independent show a joyous hit, for all Acapella Audience offline and online.

The concert is the group's only independent show of the year, their performances being mainly corporate gigs. Speaking to Showbiz, Sedibeng choreographer Ralph Dennison said the show would be held on two consecutive days in order to cater for the many online supporters of the video group because the venue is too small to take all them on a single night.

Dennison said they always expected a full house because the show was their only self-organised concert of the year. "Apart from that, we are booked for corporate shows at least two times a month, online" he said.This month is particularly good for the group converter because they have five shows, including the one independent concert at Maitisong this weekend. After performing for LEA and the Ministry of Health at the beginning of the month, Sedibeng performed for Price Water House Coopers last Monday.

They will perform at a PEEPA event today (Wednesday). Dennison said people should expect an action packed concert this weekend, with each concert divide into two acts. The first act is for classical music, while the second will have several performances, including contemporary music. "People can expect to hear songs such as You Raise Me Up translated into Setswana and Letta Mbuli's Music In The Air done in choral," he said. - video converter.

Dennison said the second act would also feature poetry recitals and readings by Andreattah Chuma, Mandisa and Max Rabolo, among others.The group has recently collaborated with Kalvin Kol-Kes who rose to fame through popular television show, My Star........read the rest

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