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Hey sin3gers,

I'd posted on sin3g about SONOS departure from The Sing-Off (you can read my thoughts here).  

Anyway, Chris from SONOS took the time to post a thoughtful reply to the questions I'd posed.  You can find his response here.

Here's an excerpt:

“If The Sing-Off won't let you use pedals, why even go on the show?  The grand prize, that's why, and because it's an amazing way to market yourselves.”

We’re half-with ya here. Marketing: absolutely! Grand Prize: you flatter us. To be entirely candid, at no time did we have aspirations of winning the show. Considering the amount of re-arranging we’d have to do with the absence of pedals, and that there is not a bass voice among us, we had the lofty goal of lasting several weeks. Mission accomplished! (2 constitutes “several”, right?)  =P