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Hey sin3gers,

I'll start by saying I LOVE SONOS.  Truth is, I love them for all the reasons that they would never be successful on The Sing-Off.

(I've taken pains to IGNORE what the judge's have written, what die-hard a cappella fans have said.  I'm writing from the heart as a musician and as a strategist on what I think it takes to win The Sing-Off.)




The Sonos are great, and what a tough panel of judges. I love cappella and would like to see more groups like the Sonos sing in that style. Used to listen a lot to Sweet Honey in The rock (i.e. Breaths, Ella's Song, etc.) and always loved them. Yamaha P95

Thanks for the post.


Well, if you love sonos, then that's great. Don't ever let anyone tell you that you shouldn't. how to get rid of warts on hands

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