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Modesto, CA

Michael Carlson and TripleOhNine

Michael Carlson sings solo live on stage in several parts in real time, by overdubbing using digital looping with his band (his laptop), TripleOhNine (3X09). He is committed to performing exclusively live by recording all of his loops live on stage, with no pre-recorded material.  

He performs his music in bars, clubs, parks, churches, and any other venue that naively allows him to sing before they realize exactly what it is that he does. Then when he is done singing they wonder how in the world he did it, and invite him to do it again and again. 

Michael studied music theory, composition, popular music and voice both as an undergraduate student at Chapman University and as a graduate student at University of California, Santa Barbara. His debut singer-songwriter CD "Fruit of the Vine" was released in December of 2002.  

He plans to produce a solo CD soon of completely live looping tracks. For now, his looping can be heard in live performance, and on his myspace and youtube sites.  

Michael also directs jazz vocal groups in the San Joaquin Valley. He has over 30 years of performance experience, and provides live music, studio vocals, voice lessons, and vocal coaching to students of all ages. He arranges vocals for studio recording and performance, and produces tracks for clients.  


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