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Hi everyone and thanks for welcoming me to your community. I will be realeasing an Album  from A Cappella Records in November. My Bands is Vocal Steak, it sounds nothing remotely like what you would think of as A Cappella but it is all voice and not just chaotic Avant Garde. Please give it a listen, my album needs two more songs, please take a listen, share your thoughts and hopefully enjoy.

listen here: http://soundcloud.com/vocalsteak

I have been making progressive metal for 5 years then weird indie rock kinda stuff with little recongnition, so finally at the age of 24 I made a song of all voices just for fun, but suprisingly everyone thought I had struck gold and I was getting unsolicited praise and then a record label. I personally don't care for traditional sounding A Cappella, but I love Bobby Mcferrin and Camille as different as they are, yet they still just seem too tame.

I grew up listening to punk, then metal, then a lot of stuff like RadioHead, tool, lots of MOTOWN and a perfect circle and a lot of other things but couldn't find what I felt expressed me fully and didn't feel forced. So out of frustration with having writers' block with one of my "serious" songs,  I decided to just make a fun song with all voices, and in that week I had recieved more compliments on the song then the whole previous years I had been showing people my music.

So while I made this Album I really didn't reference any other bands because I haven't heard any bands make songs with just voices and not have it sound like what is conjured in the mind when one thinks "A Cappella". I feel this was a total accident for me, but tought me to stop thinking in musical paradigms and just make a song that will be a complete suprise to me when I'm done. I feel that experimental/complicated is seen as the idea of progression in music in our age, but I believe that there are other ways, like what Vocal Steak is.

When the simple Blues chord progression was established it was so novel and took so long to birth, but now it's cliche. I think sometimes the best things can be created when there is no intention, and especially with the voice, there are no definite notes to hit that you can see and depend on, I don't know what is gonna come out sometimes, as opposed to the guitar where I kept falling into the same patterns. With voice we can apply our own accents, emotions and twist the notes in and out of tune and connote your personality-and we all have our own free unique instrument that only gets more valuable with practice and life experience. I could never do that with guitar or violin even though I played those instruments for years. I developed a sound my own, but it wasn't anything to be too interested in.

I feel a new wave of A Cappella is wanted but people just don't know it because A Cappella has always meant a very specific sound, usually gospel or college kids doing old standards or pop covers. Most people aren't just shocked by the novel format of Vocal Steak's music, they are actually into the songs.

*Here is also a link to a music video for Vocal Steak's second song made: