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The one thing that hasn’t changed, I found out last week, was the sound that we make together. It still raises the hairs on my arms and makes me happy that I can sing. We’re still a goofy looking assortment of oddballs – something that central casting wouldn’t put together in a million years – but the sound, the sound is still the same noise that made me sit up in my seat the first time I heard it at a midtown nightclub and say to myself, “Hey, this could go somewhere!”

We gathered in Sean’s grand salon, caught up on the doings of the kids, shared photos and war stories, and then we started to work through our set. Most of the songs we only had to run through once, and it was as though we’d never been apart for seventeen years. All my misgivings over having called us together vanished as body memory took over and songs that we’d labored over for hundreds and hundreds of hours in the past came pouring out with all the polish we’d ever put on them, burnished by years of experience and so many concerts together.

Another thing that has changed is that we all know that it’s not serious, in the sense that building a career is serious. It was a great joy and also a great liberation to take the stage without all the lugubrious encumbrances of business – manager/road manager/business manager/press agent/booking agent/contracts/riders/sound companies/roadies/ - or worrying about having to jet out of town at suck o’clock the next morning for another show in another town and another day away from our families and friends. Singing together is just icing on a big fat rich cake. None of us gave a moment’s thought to the possibility of a bad review or a missed flight or another cold, crappy meal or another anonymous hotel room. All we had to think about was being in the moment and singing our collective guts out. And we did. Heaven.

Now, I know that someone is bound to start – if they haven’t already - making comparisons between us and the group that we used to be called. It’s apples and oranges, or something like that. More like pears and walruses, or skuas and skateboards. We’re not them, and they are definitely not us. It’s a little confusing, since we used to be them. Not them them, you know, but they are what we used to be called, but now we’re us again but we’re not that. We like what we were, and that’s what we are now, just somewhat more, uh, mature. And funner, if that’s even a word. Actually, I know that it’s not, but it fits.



Another Dream Come True

I think your reunion appearance at A Cappellastock is going to be like Christmas morning. I can hardly wait. You guys have made an imprint in time and now we get to revisit it one more time. Thanks to you and the gent\'s.

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The joy you guys felt came out in your music during your concert. It was incredible and was exactly the music that I fell in love with so many years ago. I don\'t think I\'ve seen a concert before that I spent grinning till my face hurt. It was truly wonderful.

So sorry I could not attend the concert. But your description of what it is to be lifted from the business drudgery and *just sing* -especially with those you\'ve fought the good fight with, your true band of brothers, well that was a great read. And anyone who\'s walked that mile will know immediately that the picture you paint is just spot on. Thanks again for such an entertaining read.


After being a BIG fan for years of them-that-shall-not-be-mentioned-here... after exerting endless hours of unavailing effort to emulate that immaculate BC boom... after having even belted out a bit o\' bass backup at one point for Big Sean himself... I can scarcely be expected to contain my excitement for the upcoming XRP performance in Ogden, UT.

Truly the heart and soul of an era sorely missed, I can\'t wait to see you guys.

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