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...Then CASA is looking for you -- those self-motivated, enthusiastic and fearless a cappella aficionados to be appointed as members of the next generation of CASA Ambassadors. You are our heroes, the voice of CASA on the local and regional level, and our greatest asset in sharing harmony through music!  Currently, we’re looking for ambassadors in the Mid-Atlantic, Mid-West area of the United States and Canada, South America and the Scandinavian countries on an international level. But as always, we’re looking for all interested applicants from all around the world!  

The a cappella community is growing every day. We’re featured on hit television comedies, are the focus of two game shows/reality competitions around the world and have books and movies being written about the “movement”.  And you can help that trend continue to grow and flourish.
CASA is leading the charge for making a cappella even more mainstream, and this is where the ambassador comes in. With virtually every college boasting at least one a cappella group, nearly every region boasting several professional and semi-professional groups, and new singers becoming interested in the vocal arts every day, there is now more than ever a need for local faces from which people can learn more about the art and how they can participate.  The ambassador is that font of knowledge that educates, excites and encourages fans and friends to get involved and make music a daily part of their life!

The aim of the Ambassador Program is to unite groups from all over the country, and eventually, the world, under one umbrella of musical goodwill one person at a time. We want you involved!

We’re especially looking for Ambassadors to start or take over embassies in the following areas:

United States:

    New Jersey


    Any Canadian Province

Check out the duties page, or contact me for more information!