On the surface, Musae is a six-piece vocal band based out of Atlanta, GA. But dig a little deeper and you’ll find that Musae is a recent answer to a long-standing question: Why aren’t there more professional female a cappella groups?

The catalyst came at SoJam 2010, where Lauren Barreiro and Kari Francis led a roundtable discussion about women in a cappella. Vexed by the undue number of negative stereotypes surrounding the genre and eager to begin a collaborative professional pursuit, the two searched for similarly driven vocalists – fellow AcaBelle alumna and Empire leader Angela Ugolini, U of O Divisi alumna and super-bass Johanna Vinson, Berklee Pitchslapped soloist and director Hannah Juliano, and musical theater authority and UGA Noteworthy alumna Courtney Godwin – and Musae was born. The group finally met for the first time in March of 2011 only to find that their collective sound was anything but the indie, post-collegiate style they had expected. Undeterred, they scratched their prepared arrangements and concocted a new version of “Natural Woman” as well as an amalgam of tunes by Donna Summers, fully embracing their newfound loud, funk-infused style in their first three days of shared existence.

The name comes from Latin, plural for “musa”: muse, a nod to the mythical goddesses of inspiration. Likewise, Musae aims to not only uplift and enthrall but also inspire and empower audiences both new to and familiar with their a cappella vocal style of performance. Each “muse” brings a notably different background and approach to music-making, resulting in a delightfully textured and diverse product, sometimes augmented by pedals and effects but never wavering from the human voice as the root of all sound. United by a passion and propensity for music, these muses plan to tear down archetypes regarding female a cappella and breathe new life into the professional scene in the United States and abroad.


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