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Okay, let's be honest with ourselves for just a minute. We all know I'm certifiably nuts about this a cappella stuff - I attach myself to the genre like an a cappella vampire and drain it dry for my own selfish pleasure. The music is like Chinese food - I'll consume to my fill, but I'll just be hungry again in about 10 or 15 minutes. I'm a special breed of a cappella fan. I'm like those guys at football games that paint their bodies and go out into -20 degree temperatures wearing nothing but a banana hammock - figuratively speaking of course.

I feel like I should have one of those malpractice commercials: "If you or anyone you know has taken "a cappella" and has suffered from Gleeosis, ringing in the ear from a tuning fork, or uncontrollable bursts of singing in grocery stores, please contact The A Cappella Embassy." Acapellitis is a serious condition, and if you have it, then I want you to work for the A Cappella Embassy! haha, seriously though, CASA and The Embassy are looking for passionate people around the MD, DC, and VA areas to become a big part of the growing a cappella community. If you're interested, read on in my blog post!

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