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So why should you volunteer for CASA? Because volunteers are the flesh and blood and brains of the entire organization!

Back when Deke Sharon founded the Contemporary A Cappella Society from his dorm room at Tufts University and dinosaurs roamed the earth, there didn’t exist a platform upon which the organization could grow quickly and explosively. Hard work and hand folded mailings lead to the first ever CAN (Contemporary A Cappella Newsletter), which lead to synergy with other aca-philes around the country, which fostered the slow but steady growth of the CASA that we know and love today.

These days, we have but to think of a person and within moments, we can be speaking to them. Cell phones have made us instantly accessible to one another. The internet and social media have made us constantly accessible to one another. With this new wave of connectivity comes a new potential for growth for our organization, and a whole new group of people to whom we can reach out and include.

Here’s where you come in. CASA has been (and most likely, will always be) an organization run by the grit and will of a dedicated and passionate team of volunteers. These people are the friends of yours who can’t sing ANY song, with or without instruments, without singing the background parts on weird syllables. These are the friends who would rather spend a weekend arranging music or traveling to see their favorite vocal band than relaxing at home. These are the people who can say “I have an awesome a cappella version of that!” of about any song. These people also, unbeknownst to a great many, spend countless hours each year creating, developing, maintaining, and innovating the programs that have made CASA what it is today.

The tracklist for our beloved Sing compilation doesn’t choose itself. The CARAs aren’t posted to the site magically on their own each Spring. Amazing events like SoJam, VoCal Nation, and SMACC don’t create and run themselves. The interviews and album and show reviews and blogs don’t just appear on the site each week on their own. They are all born of the minds and hands of our amazing volunteers, who give of themselves to stay connected with an artform that they love.

So why not join us? CASA is working tirelessly to bring you content, opportunities, updates and news that you can use and be inspired by. We boast an entire educational branch of our website, dedicated to teaching and motivating both veteran and the newbie singers. We award the most incredible people and projects in a cappella each year with the CARAs and the ACAs.  We bring you the coolest new music in our innovative Sing series, and we keep you connected with each other and some of the top minds and voices in our field at our world-class festivals. And we want YOU to be a part of it all.

Regardless of your talents and strengths, we want your help. Writers, singers, designers, producers, enthusiasts- everyone has a skill that can be used, and everyone has something to contribute. So if you’ve been itching for the chance to get more involved, to make your mark, or to meet some new people, you should volunteer for CASA. Just fill out the form at casa.org/volunteer or shoot an email to me, Christopher Diaz, and christopher@casa.org and we'll get you started. And really, everyone has something to offer so don’t hesitate to jump on board!

How do I know all of these things? Because I am a CASA volunteer, and have been for years. Some of the most incredible moments of my life (both musical and personal) have taken place at events run by CASA. Some of my best friends in the world I met volunteering for CASA. And when I look back at the past few years, some of my best ideas, most rewarding work and important connections have been made while giving back to the community I love so much.

So what are YOU waiting for? Join us today as we take CASA into the new decade at the speed of sound.

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People, you can also sign up to become an a cappella ambassador!

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