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The professional vocal band Home Free is seeking a talented bass singer interested in exciting opportunities in music and travel. We have been performing nationally and internationally for the last 10 years and are looking for a new bass.

We are looking for someone who:

• Can consistently hit a low B
• Has a deep, rich tone
• Has excellent sense of pitch and rhythm
• Can sight read
• Is comfortable performing on stage
• Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

This is a full-time paid position, and would require relocation to the Minneapolis, MN area.  Ideally, we'd like someone to join over the summer, but could start as late as september.  We appreciate your time in the matter! If you or anyone else would like more information about our group, please email me at Chris@homefreevocalband.com and/or visit any of the links below.

Thank you!

Chris Rupp
Musical Director
Home Free

888-GR8-BAND (478-2263)