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The Voice Box, a brand new all-acappella radio show and podcast needs your ears and wants to get your group huge exposure!

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New Hampshire's only exclusively acappella radio broadcast and podcast. Reaching south to Boston and north to Portland, The Voice Box is New England's widest reaching acappella show- with a podcast to reach everyone else, too!

Brendan, Sean and Jim bring you songs, critiques, live shows, news, and antics every Friday from 8:00-10:00 pm. Live so far from the cozy University of New Hampshire that you can't tune in? Stream live on http://wunh.org. Missed the broadcast? Then catch the weekly podcast released on our webpage, http://wunh.org/thevoicebox.

Send your comments to voicebox.wunh@gmail.com!

Become a fan at http://facebook.com/thevoicebox

Want to get your group on air? We are looking for music from groups old, new, collegiate, amateur or professional. Join the ranks of The House Jacks in our music stacks! Send your album to:

WUNH Radio - The Voice Box
UNH Memorial Union Building
83 Main Street
Durham NH, 03824