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Songs ranging from Boyz II Men to Bieber bring audience of all types

These days, the music industry is all about the next big thing, especially when it comes to special effects.
Auto-tune has changed the face of hip-hop, as the Super Bowl Halftime special was basically a light show featuring the Black Eyed Peas, and we can even make Ke$ha sound like a man.

But strip away all the extras and you're left with the best instrument possible: the human voice. And that's all that USC's SoundCheck, Cockapella and the Cocktails needed for Sunday night's "I Love Acapella" performance in the Russell House Ballroom.

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, the a cappella groups spread the romance, mixing in classic love songs with some new hits in front of a packed house. The night opened with USC's newest a cappella group, PolyVox, taking the stage with Jason Mraz's sweet serenade "I'm Yours," followed by Matt Nathanson's mega-hit "Come on Get Higher."

After that, it was Cockappella's chance to turn on the charm. But instead of getting too mushy, the first co-ed a cappella group at USC kept things light, even getting down on one knee in proposal (complete with rings) during Taylor Swift's "Love Story." The group also brought out its softer side, singing the sentimental Phil Collins track "You'll Be in My Heart" from Disney's "Tarzan."

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