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If your group has multiple percussionists and they trade the perc mic back and forth in between songs (which, depending on the wealth of equipment at your group\'s ready disposal, is probably the case) then it\'s probably worth investing in a cheap ($5-6), loose-fitting foam pop filter for each percussionist to use when he/she has the mic. I mean, if not that, at LEAST a courtesy wipe in between songs =)

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Right on!

Great primer, Deke!

I\'d recommend everyone, and I mean everyone, become familiar with the equipment - know how to plug in a mic, plug in the speakers, learn basic EQ, learn how to wrap cable, etc. Not only will it prevent loading sloth - where all but one member of the group hide in the corner or talk with friends while the sound-smart singer sets everything up - but it will help you understand what\'s going on with the sound, and ultimately make you a stronger singer. And, when you don\'t have a sound engineer, you won\'t be up a creek.

And if you\'re running sound for yourself, sign a blood oath that no singer in your group leaves a gig until all the equipment is packed out.

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