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New a cappella originals podcast!


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Spotlight on: Duwende’s new album of original songs, Collective. Great interview with Ed and Morgan of Duwende, and songs from the new album.

Download the entire album for FREE at duwende.com

Not a trick, Duwende is giving this album away to anyone and everyone for free – listen to the podcast to hear why! Listen to the podcast to get a sampling of their great music… then go download their album! Better yet, download their album while you listen to the podcast. What have you got to lose? It’s free!

(also in the podcast: original songs nominated for CARA awards. Also, news!)

Songs in the podcast:
All songs from Duwende: Collective (go download it!)

Young Leaders of Tomorrow
Scatter Away
Poor Dan
Your Lady
I’ll See You Tomorrow

Also you’ll hear, as background music, Been Lookin’ and Someone You Don’t Know.

Be original!



Striking music, insightful interview, great podcast.

--Dave Brown

now: Mouth Off host | ICCA & CARA Judge

then: CASA president, CASAcademy director, CASA Bd of Directors | BYU Vocal Point | Noteworthy co-foun

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