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The Contemporary A cappella Recording Awards (CARA) recognize the best recorded a cappella produced within a calendar year. We are the only truly global a cappella recording awards. Every year since 1992 hundreds of albums are considered in this celebration of the best a cappella recorded around the planet.

An international team of nominators are selected annually from experienced a cappella fans and participants. They are led by CARA Director, Julia Hoffman, and CARA Coordinator, Jon Pilat, in a process that takes months of culling submissions to find exemplars of quality and innovation. [Side note: if you are interested in becoming a nominator for the 2009 season, please return to www.casa.org in October 2008 to find application instructions.]

The 2008 CARA nominees were exceptionally difficult for nominators to select due to the huge number and overall superior quality of submissions. We chose to make a few changes to the process to accommodate the evolution of the ways that music is now created, purchased, and consumed. While only albums that had been “retail ready” (physically pressed and packaged) have been considered in the past, we have adjusted our requirements to include any album or individual track that is nationally or internationally available for sale or download.

Furthermore, there are now quite a few collegiate groups that choose to make albums that represent a single genre of music and many of these are equal in quality to those produced by professional groups. We have changed our rules to include albums by these collegiate groups in the professional categories in which they fit, thus expanding our jazz, classical, doo-wop, barbershop, religious, folk/world, and holiday categories. Groups of all levels continue to be eligible for humor awards.

The nomination list you will see below is the product of many hundreds of hours of thoughtful and thorough listening by the talented nomination team. It is with regret that we see more and more fabulous albums go unrewarded every year, because we are well aware of the effort and energy that goes into each. However, we are thrilled that there is so much overwhelming evidence that a cappella continues to grow and thrive as an art form. The bar continues to get higher. Thank you to all who submitted. Your achievements have not gone unnoticed!

Congratulations to the nominees! Check back here on April 1, 2008 for the winners!

See the CARA 2008 Nominations List