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"The Sing-Off" season two begins Monday, December 6 on NBC. Ten amazing groups will compete for a Sony recording contract and cash prizes. We'll be featuring profiles of each group leading up to the debut, and during the show's run, we'll have a review of each episode. Have an opinion on any of the groups, or the show? Comment on any article or our forum

The days of the musical genre that I call “The Nouns” have long been over. I grew up listening to groups like “The Spinners,” “The Originals,” and “The Delfonics.”  What people in the world can resist joining hands when they hear the timeless hit Love Train by “The O’Jays?” Those were the days of authentic Soul music – real music in general, as far as I’m concerned - and I’m sad to say it’s over…

… Until December 6, when Jerry Lawson & Talk of The Town take the stage for the second season of NBC’s “The Sing-Off.” Talk of The Town brings a mix of the contemporary with the kind of gospel-style Soul that made people groove back in the 1970s.  With influences from Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye, and Elvis Presley, the group’s unique sound is something brand new, and yet reminiscent of something we’ve come to know and love.  But most of all, these guys have the kind of Soul that comes from a group that sings with a passion for life, for love, and for the music itself.

Stan, CD, Douglas, Paul, and Chase make up Talk of The Town and are led by the inimitable Jerry Lawson, former lead singer of The Persuasions. Jerry originally left The Persuasions to record on his own with the assistance of instruments – jazz standards, Soul, R&B, and other genres that Jerry says “deserve nothing less than a full orchestra.” But through a series of miracles, magic, God-touched synchronistic events, Talk of the Town and Jerry Lawson became one!

JL/TOTT says that the thing that gives them an edge in this competition, other than Jerry Lawson, is their Soul. They are thrilled to have a chance to introduce their style of A Cappella Soul to the world in addition to seeing their hero, Jerry Lawson, be acknowledged after being told for 40 years that there was no market for 5 guys without a band. Their message to their "Sing-Off" audience is a simple one – “Do what you love & know that it’s never too late for your dreams to come true.”

These six men will most certainly be the talk of the town when they leave the stage of "The Sing-Off". While their harmonies are still ringing through the studio, the audience will be left stunned, reminded of a happier time when music was much less… processed! Jerry Lawson & Talk of The Town make their primetime debut on December 6 at 8pm EST (check local listings).

Their debut CD “Jerry Lawson & Talk of The Town” is now available digitally on iTunes and the 20 track disc is available at www.jerrylawsontalkofthetown.com

Jerry Lawson & Talk Of The Town: http://jerrylawsontalkofthetown.com/

"The Sing-Off" Season 2 Group Profiles: http://www.casa.org/content/sing-season-2-group-profiles

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