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The Contemporary A Cappella Society


To foster and promote contemporary a cappella music around the world through education, recognition, and the creation of performance opportunities


CASA will demonstrate leadership in innovating, developing, and expanding the a cappella community so that every singer, educator, and fan has the opportunity and means to share and spread their love of vocal music.

Core Values

1. Good will: We display decency, courtesy, and respect toward every member of the a cappella community and every fan of a cappella music.

2. Excellence: We challenge a cappella singers and groups to grow and improve through awards, competitions, and recognition.

3. Inclusiveness: We provide opportunities for every singer to sing and grow, every aspiring vocalist to learn, and every fan to stay connected and informed.

4. Innovation: We develop new methods for singers, groups, fans, and educators to sing, learn, connect, and interact with one another.

5. Encouragement: We embolden the a cappella community to expand its insular focus by reaching out and sharing the joy of vocal music with others.

6. Productivity: We maintain an active presence in the a cappella community and challenge others to become or stay involved, as well.

7. Community: We nurture relationships between fellow organizations and businesses that support the continued growth of a cappella.

8. Pride: We proclaim that contemporary a cappella music is cool, current, and the voice of the future!

Anti-Harassment Policy - http://www.casa.org/antiharrassment
Code of Conduct - http://www.casa.org/code-of-conduct