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So, you have an existing group and are considering joining the Contemporary A Cappella League, but wonder what the benefits would be?

There are many:

First of all, every member of your group will be a CASA member, which will give them access to the myriad benefits of CASA membership: free music downloads, free arrangements, discounts to events, educational essays and video instruction, etc.

Secondly, we'll be listing your group and actively promoting it to the a cappella community, which should increase the number of potential group members, especially among recent college grads. You might have all the members you need right now, but there's nothing more devastating then losing a key voice part (like a bass) and being unable to find a replacement.

In addition, you'll find camaraderie among the other groups and their directors: we have an annual league-only event each summer to which your group will be invited (our first event, August 2008 in Memphis, featured a concert by and workshops with Take 6), private coaching opportunities, and ongoing help and advice from CASA staff, a cappella experts, and fellow League directors around the country via our private email list. Need to figure out how to deal with the tuning problems in your baritones or the infighting in your alto section? Need an arrangement of a specific song ASAP? Look no further.

Finally, there is the simple fact that there is strength in numbers. CASA works constantly to increase visibility, provide information to the media, and spread knowledge about recreational adult a cappella. More exposure means more performing opportunities, more people attending concerts, more singers at your upcoming auditions.

CASA is a national non-profit 501(c)3 organization with a large board of directors and staff of volunteers who work tirelessly to help promote a cappella, and all money goes right into programs and benefits. To join us is to tap into our resources and become part of our team. We'd love to have you.