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A League of their own

“There’s no crying in a cappella” Well, maybe a few tears were shed in your collegiate group, but those days have passed and your singing career is over. Time to file away those arrangements and pack up your pitch pipe until the next reunion show comes around. Or is it?

You’ve found this page, because you love to sing. Well guess what? You’re not the only one, so you’ve come to the right place!

Sing For Your Life

Whether you’ve been singing since you were in preschool, or just took an interest to the art recently, there is a group out there for you. The Contemporary A Cappella League (CAL) provides everyday people the opportunity to keep music in their lives. And not just any type of music but the music you love!

CAL groups are primarily audition-only and range in size from four to 16 members but can most certainly be larger. Though technically not “Pro” groups, CAL ensembles are making a name for themselves in the a cappella community with high quality performances, award-winning albums and international notoriety.

Groups generally rehearse one or two nights a week and tend to perform a few times a month during the evenings or on weekends, giving members the ability to balance music with their active lifestyles. CAL members are teachers, coaches, doctors, lawyers, accountants, sales reps, graphic designers, event planners and more.

Once a group is up and running, they’ll become a dynamic part of their local community with countless performance opportunities. Before you know if, they’ll be calling you to come and sing for them!

Contemporary A Cappella League groups can be owned by an individual or run as a non-profit organization but all it really takes is a self-motivated leader or a driven leadership team to get the ball rolling. CASA does not own any of the CAL groups, we just help them along the way from the formation process all the way to Grammy nominations.

Find a Group
Are you currently an a cappella free agent and want to join an existing CAL group? Check out the CAL Group Directory to get in touch with someone in your area.

Start a Group
Can’t find a group that’s close to you? No worries, just start your own! Visit the CAL New Director page and send us your “league director application” to get the process started.

Add a Group
Already in a group and now you want to join the growing CAL network? Of course you do! Visit the CAL existing group page to fill out the “existing group application” to join the CAL fun today.