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Welcome to The Contemporary A cappella Society (CASA)!  We're thrilled that you are considering membership to our organization.  By becoming a CASA member, you will have access to more CASA resources, as well as chances to become even more involved in the a cappella community.


  • FREE full download of the latest SING album (casa.org/sing).
  • Opportunity to vote every year in the A cappella Community Awards (ACAs)
  • Ability to apply for a nominating/judging position with the Contemporary A cappella Recording Awards (CARAs). (Only CASA members may become part of our nomination and judging committees.)
  • Priority seating at CASA festivals like SoJam and ECS. (The first five rows of every show at these events are reserved for CASA members who buy their weekend passes within the first week of ticket sales.)
  • Access to all news, articles, and blogs that have ever appeared on the CASA website
  • Access to all back issues of the Contemporary A cappella Newsletter (CAN), dating back to 1991!



  • 50% discount at the A Cappella Mega-Sale
  • 10% off print design projects from Amy Malkoff
  • 10% off website design from Amy Malkoff and Joe Antonioli
  • 10% discount on arranging services from NYC A Cappella
  • $25 off admission fee to attend the "Soup To Nuts" Seminar presented by Bill Hare and Deke Sharon
  • $50 discount on tuition to Freddie Feldman and Dave Brown's A cappella Boot Camp recording seminar
  • $10 off weekend pass price at any CASA Festival (SoJam, LAAF, etc.)

Reference codes for discounts and vendor contact information may be obtained by contacting our Membership Director, Zakk Wooten (zakk@casa.org).

Please note that a CASA membership is good for one (1) calendar year.

Sing 11: One Louder

CASA Members: Download Sing 11: One Louder for FREE!