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The vocal group Zero in Condotta was unofficially born in the academic year 2004/2005. This a cappella choir,formed by 14 guys, is a quite new reality,grown up in the C.R.C (Centro Ricreativo Corale della Brianza,www.crcbrianza.it),a cultural association established by the choir master Pasquale Amico.
Zero in condotta’s members are the same guys that, after several years of experience in the young C.R.C. choral laboratory, created, together with the choir master Amico, a group that is now called Zero in Condotta. The group’s repertory is an “a’cappella” repertory that goes from sacred music to the secular one, from the classical to the modern one,from madrigals to gospel,jazz,pop music.
This formation attended some important festivals and competitions: in May 2003, “the first national young choirs festival” in Vittorio Veneto, during the 38° national choirs competition “Trofei Città di Vittorio veneto” . In this competition 6 choirs from the whole Italy.The repertory was made up of the madrigal “Il est bel et bon”,the pop song “Michelle” and of the spirituals “I’m gonna sing”, “Ride the chariot” and “Joshua”. The panel of judges (formed by Ernesto Esposito, Mario Mora, Antonio Scaioli) gave the C.R.C the prize for the best intonation and espressivity ( “Miglior Intonazione ed Espressività”).
In May 2004, “V edition of the scolastic music festival” during the VI edition of the G.E.F.( Global Education Festival) in Sanremo, an international exhibition of artistic creativity. The choir performed at the Ariston Theatre in Sanremo with the jazz passage “Java jive” and with the De Andrè’s song “Geordie”, specially arranged for choir. In the special schools’ section (“Scuole speciali di ogni ordine e grado”) the C.R.C arrived first in his category, getting the recognition “Targa del G.E.F” thanks to “Georgie”, and first above the other groups among the 4 sections ( A. nursery and primary schools section; B.junior high schools section; C.high schools section; D.special schools section), getting the prestigious prize “Delfino d’argento”.
From Mar. 2005,30th to Ap. 2005,2nd , XVI international choral singing competition in Verona, just for not professional choral group. The CRC performed in the category “modern repertory: jazz, swing, blues, pop" with "Java Jive", "Only You", "When I'm Sixty Four", "Barbara Ann" and "Sixteen Tons" for the judges, composed by Giorgio Croci, Felix Resch, Bojan Pogrmilovic, Maxine M. Asselin, Michael Rinscheid, Miroslav Kosler and Andrè Vandebosch. Thanks to the highest score in his category, the choir got the chance to perform at the Philarmonic theatre.
On Jul. 2005,2nd the group took part to the “Solevoci Festival” collaborating with “Brunate sings a cappella", in Brunate (CO), during an event with the vocal group “Gruppo Vocale Città di Erba”.
On Nov.2006,25th, a concert in the cathedral in Senigallia(AN), with sacred repertory and christmas carrol.
On Mar.2007,21st Zero in condotta attended the event “Terza Rassegna di Canto Corale città di Castel Gandolfo"", invited by the Castel Gandolfo’s LiberArmonia choir, with the presence of the “Liberi Cantores” choir from Aprilia(LT) and of the Musical Association "Giuseppe Verdi" from Brescia.


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