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Word of Mouth is a mixed all-vocal band with a serious passion for contemporary a cappella and a Peter Pan complex.

Formed in November 2011 through CASA, Craigslist, and you guessed it - word of mouth - its inaugural members are plucked from some of the East Coast's premier collegiate singing groups and just can't seem to kick the habit.

Like any Millennial cohort living in the nation's capital, WOM loves smart phones, social media, animated GIFs, food trucks and happy hours. Conversely, these young professionals do NOT love unpaid internships, single tracking or humidity.

Politics aside, there's no debating a killer chord or face-melting vocal percussion. Brought together by a love of all-vocal performance, Word of Mouth hopes to elevate a cappella to the next level with edgy takes on fan favorites and pop music of today.Description
We enjoy singing contemporary music for all audiences across the DC metropolitan area...and sometimes adding in some spontaneous interpretive dance moves for flare.

Kara Christ

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