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The Dutch vocal ensemble Wishful Singing, consisting of five young female singers, performs a cappella repertoire encompassing different musical styles from all quarters of the world. Whether performing a tranquil renaissance harmony or a groovy arrangement of a classic pop song, the quintet always manages to touch and convince a listener by way of their powerful expression and flawless vocal blend. With their beautiful voices, shared sense of humour and feel for the theatrical they have been able to bring pleasure to their audiences time after time.

Wishful Singing all started in 2005, during a sailing trip on the lakes of Friesland. The five singers had become acquainted through the Netherlands Youth Choir. They decided to combine their musical talent and a new vocal ensemble was born!

In 2009 Wishful Singing was named winner of the 23rd ‘Dutch Vocal Ensemble Festival’ in Almelo and the winner of the ‘Search for Cultural Talent’ campaign, set up by the National Broadcast station Nederland 2. International success was achieved at the Tolosa Choral Contest in Spain in November 2009 - the judges awarding the quintet with the highest score out of all of the ensembles participating at the contest – and at the International A Cappella Contest Leipzig in May 2010, where Wishful Singing won the Audience Award.

Numerous major venues in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain and Italy have invited the ensemble to perform. Always eager to expand their knowledge and talent, Wishful Singing has attended masterclasses with the Finnish vocal group Rajaton and the world-renowned a cappella group The King’s Singers.

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