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Wishful Singing 

Anne-Christine Wemekamp - soprano

Suzanne Verburg - mezzo-soprano

Marjolein Verburg - mezzo-soprano

Annemiek van der Ven - alto

Marjolein Stots - alto  



Wishful Singing is an a cappella ensemble consisting of five young Dutch female singers. In their concerts they combine beautiful classical music with other genres such as folk music and close harmony. Over the past few years they have been giving concerts in The Netherlands to great acclaim, with their audiences loving their sound and humour.


They have performed in numerous major venues and festivals, like the International Choir Biennale Haarlem . Wishful Singing has been broadcasted by the Dutch national classical radio station Radio 4 several times. In March 2009 Wishful Singing has won first prize at the 23rd Dutch Vocal Ensemble Festival.








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Wishful Singing

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