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“WINE” A famous man once said, “What’s in a name?” Well the name of the quartet “WINE” means more than four talented ladies who enjoy the nectar of crushed grapes. The name WINE is the result of where these four singers lived when the quartet was conceived just over a year ago. The Lead Julie lived in Wisconsin, the Bass Stacie along with Tenor Annette lived in Nebraska, and Baritone Lhea lived in Iowa. The name WINE comes from the abbreviation of the states of Wisconsin WI and Nebraska NE. Lhea’s home state of Iowa starts with an I so it fit right in and these four singers became the quartet named WINE. This past year in their first competition with only 3 rehearsals WINE took 9th place out of 21 talented quartets. This year’s competition WINE took 4th place out of 23 quartets and brought home most improved quartet increasing their score by 62 points over last years.


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