School or Affiliation: The Academy of Music in Aalborg


VoxNorth is an a cappella ensemble in connection with The Academy of Music in Aalborg, and was founded by conductor Jim Daus Hjernøe in 2005. They are already known for their “good groove” and improvisational works.

18 singers with individual microphones, perform depth and power in the style of groovy world a cappella-music and improvisational works. The conductor sings in the group containing strong performers and soloists.

VoxNorth has adapted the style of Bobby McFerrin’s improvised circlesongs, and work with a performance-style where the audience will enjoy both warm and crispy arrangements and improvised parts during the concert!

Concerts and Festivals:
Since their debut-concert in November 2005, VoxNorth have had the chance to perform at various national/international events. To mention a few: Danish Television in the show “Frilandshaven”, several concerts with Roger Treece from Bobby McFerrin’s Voicestra, Aarhus Vocal Festival 2006, Aalborg Rytmiske Korfestival.

Our goal is to be a part of the evolution of modern a cappella music.


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