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Voices of Zion

Voices of Zion features Bradley Krueger (first tenor), Brendan Krueger (second tenor), Robert Mills (baritone), and Melville Moses Andrade (bass). Brendan and Bradley, as brothers, have sung together since pre-school. Robert soon then joined them in grade school at Pine Tree Academy in Maine and Melville Moses, a Jamaican-American, joined up with the three, about ten years later, at Atlantic Union College. They have functioned as a quartet since then for nearly 20 years. Robert and Moses are pastors in Menominee, WI and Philadelphia, PA (respectively), Brendan the principal of Pine Tree Academy and Bradley is concluding his graduate studies in choral conducting at Andrews University where he also served as adjunct instructor of voice. As is apparent, such geographic displacement keeps them from performing together frequently. Their successful 2-concert series in Maine in March of 2007 was the first time they performed an entire program since 1993 - with only two days of rehearsals. Efforts are underway to record and to perform more frequently Voices of Zion - Spreading the joy of Christian Harmony through song.


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